What is Hello Jeffrey?

Hello Jeffrey is a community that introduces event hosts to staffing specialists by using our unique web-based platform. Flexible, dynamic and brilliantly simple to use, Hello Jeffrey uses an intuitive navigation process that guides our users in meeting their event needs from a wide array of talents.

host [hoʊst] noun any person who receives or entertains other people as guests.

Why does it make sense for a host to use Hello Jeffrey?

Convenience - navigation is simple and straightforward
Availability - large talent pool; better for finding relevant help
Specialities - more competent, specialized experience
Staff Profile - rating systems and testimonials used for hiring

Whether it is a waiter that knows fine dining, a bartender that can juggle multiple bottles in the air to impress your crowd or a band that can rock the night away, Hello Jeffrey gathers the best talent for whatever your needs may be. Using a our unique filtering system, we help you find staff that has the specific skillsets you require, the experience you prefer and the availability for when you need them.

staff [stahf] noun all the people employed by a particular person or organization.

Why does it make sense for staff to use Hello Jeffrey?

Convenience - navigation is simple and straightforward
Entrepreneurial - you decide what parties you want to work and at what price.
Profile - Your ability to market your talents in an effective way
Testimonials - past hosts can speak about your work

Whether you're trying to save money for holidays arriving or trying to pay off school tuition, you could be your own boss and find your own work and make your own money. You have the freedom with Hello Jeffrey to run your own business.

Hello Jeffrey combines all these in one place.