Frequently Asked Questions

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What is an event?

An event is created by an event host for personal or business purposes that needs to be staffed by one or more event staff.

What is an event host?

An event host is anyone that has created an event on Anyone can be an event host.

What is an event staff?

Event staff is anyone that has or intends to work an event. Anyone can be event staff.

What is an offer?

Voluntary but conditional promise submitted by a prospective staff member to an event host to work an event. The event host can accept or reject the offer. It accepted, the offer becomes legally binding and enforceable. An offer is a clear indication of the offeror's willingness to enter into an agreement under specified terms, and is made in a manner that a reasonable person would understand its acceptance will result in a binding contract.


How much does it cost to use Hello Jeffrey's services?

Currently, Hello Jeffrey is free. We are still young and small so we want to get as many people in the doors using our service. Once we have refined our services and built up a strong community, we will start introducing various pricing plans. We are roughly expecting to do this in Fall 2015. Until then, we hope you enjoy the free service!

What pricing plans will you have once you start charging?

The short answer: we don't yet know. We are still working on figuring that part out. We have some general principles that are guiding our discussions that we can share with you, but all of these are subject to change.

  1. Free registration. Everyone can sign up for an account for free. There will be no mandatory subscription fees.
  2. Pay per job. Event hosts will be able choose whether the host or the candidate pays a percentage fee based on the pay. We only charge if the position is filled.
  3. We handle the money. We will collect the money from the hosts and distributed it to the staff according to terms set in the event details. No money will need to be exchanged in person or at the event unless the host and the staff member work out any additional details outside of the Hello Jeffrey website (i.e. overtime, tips).
  4. Premium features. Event hosts and job candidates will be able to pay optional, additional fees for premium features like priority in search results or event planning support.


Will people see my personal information?

Your name, your profile picture, your work history and your reviews will be visible to all registered members of Hello Jeffrey. Your contact information is only available to the people you are working with, prior to the event. Once the event has occurred, your contact information will become hidden from them again.

Working A Job

How do I apply to a job?

Find a job that you want to work. Find a position for that job. Click the APPLY button.

At this point a form appears for you to tweak your application. The event host listed the amount of money they are willing to pay you to work the event. You may counter their wage with a different value if you think a different value is more appropriate. But be careful! You will not be able to haggle back and forth until you find a middle ground. You only get one application! The host can either accept it or reject it. They cannot counter offer your counter offer. If you want to change the amount of the wage, be sure you justify why you are changing it!

Once the host accepts your offer, you will be obliged to work that event. If at that point you are unwilling to work the event and you back out, you will be charged a $50 cancellation fee. IF you believe that you have a valid reason for backing out (such as a medical emergency), email our support team with an explain your situation.

How do I withdraw myself from an event?

There are two situations where you may want to withdraw from an event.

  1. You applied for an event and the host has not accepted or rejected your offer yet.

    This is the easy section. Navigate back to the event you would like to widthdraw from. You can find a list of all your open offers in your dashboard. There, find the position that you would like to withdraw from and click the Withdraw Application button. Viola! Your application has been withdrawn.

  2. You applied for an event and the host has accepted your offer.

    Withdrawing from an event that you have been accepted into is a serious situation. You have entered into an agreement with the host and they are counting on you. However, we understand that life is unpredictable and sometimes it is unavoidable to have to withdraw from an event. Be careful not to withdraw from too many events because if you do, we may take actions against your account to protect the community.

    If you still wish to withdraw from an event, navigate back to the event that you would like to withdraw from. Find the job that you were accepted into and click the Withdraw From Position button. A window will open up. Read and agree to the message and then type a message to the event host to explain why it is necessary that you withdraw from the event.

How many events can I withdraw from before I get in trouble?

If you're asking this question, something is already wrong. We don't divulge the exact requirements around suspending accounts. We promise try our hardest to make sure that we don't take action against anyone with legitimate, unforeseeable reasons for why they have to withdraw from an event. However, you need promise us that you will only apply to jobs that you can work. When you back out of an event, it is bad for...

  • You, because the community may see your withdrawal and lose confidence in you
  • The host, because they have less time to find a replacement
  • Us, because we don't want a reputation for having a community of people that can't be trusted.

In other words, only apply jobs you can work. It is better for everyone!


Who is allowed to review me?

Only people that have worked or hosted events that you have worked at are allowed to write a review for you. Each review person is allowed to rate you once per event.

For example, if John hosted an event and you worked it with Jane, only John and Jane will both be able review your performance for that event. If you then worked another one of Johns events, he will be able to review you again along with anyone else who worked that event.

How are ratings calculated?

Your rating that is displayed on your profile is calculated by averaging all of the ratings that you have been given for all the events you have worked.

Someone wrote a review for me that was unfair and/or contained lies and/or was abusive. What can I do about it?

We take these situations very seriously. We are committed to building a positive, constructive, trustworthy environment for everyone. Let us know about the abuse on our contact page and we will help you sort out the situation.

Saved Searches

What is a saved search?

When you visit the Find a Job page, you can run searches with various criteria to find the types of jobs you are interested in. If you think you will be interested in running the same searches repeatedly, you can save that search. These are called saved searches and can be found in you profile settings.

Why should I use saved searches?

Saved searches make it easier for you to run searches on the Find a Job. Instead of having to enter in all of the criteria each time you reach that page, you can select the saved search from the list and all of the criteria will automatically be entered into the form for you and the results will be shown.

We also have some big ideas for using saved searches in the future. Here are some of the features that we plan on adding (but are not available yet):

  • Email notifications. When someone saves a search, they will have the option of having the results of that search emailed to them in a daily or weekly summary. This will allow you to find out about jobs quickly without needing to revisit the site.
  • Real time feeds. Another idea is to put real-time search feeds on your dashboard so you can see your saved searches immediately upon logging in.
  • Recommendations. We are working on building out the capability to recommend jobs to people based on several factors like job history and job preferences. Saved searches will be another piece of that puzzle that would allow us to recommend the most relevant jobs to you.

Why do I have Preferred Jobs in my list of saved searches?

Once you set your job preferences in your profile settings, we automatically make you save a search for those jobs that match your preferences. It only makes sense, right?